How we can  come here

How we can come here

One of the most important factors when planning a trip to travel to any place with transportation. Everybody  want   that  to get comfort  for traveling all  transportation . How, we can  come to Khachmaz? Between Baku and Khachmaz buses, taxis and rail route would be to take action. The length of the road is 157 km from Baku to Khachmaz. In this way, the bus and route taxis 1,30-2; 00 railway 3; 00 hours convenient way possible to overcome. The passengers like on the road to high-quality feature. Buses to the international bus station is located at the entrance to the city National Bus station. 20 January metro station and it is N197, 116, can be reached with the number 90 bus route. The  International railway station in Baku's Khatai district of Baku is located in Vagzal. Khachmaz intended for one person fare of £ 2.65 was set. Equipped with air conditioning and comfortable seats for comfortable travel to the passengers of the buses in the morning and evening from 8-00 to 18-00 . Baku, Khachmaz, as well as buses, taxis, also serves to raise. The tariff set by taxis around £ 8-10 for a single person. The parking spots taxis Baku and the Baku International Bus Station. Along with the city of Khachmaz, Baku, Sumgait, Shabran, Gusar regions are moving by buses.
Baku, Khachmaz, Siyazan region in this part of the highway on the way to meet the needs of passengers in cafes, shops, mosques, filling stations are available. 




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