Tourism potential

Tourism potential

Khachmaz is one of tourist centre of Azerbaijan. It has very advantageous geographical location and locates between big Caucasian mountains stretching to the Caspian Sea. All area cover with forests, beautiful nature, has rich cuisine, beautiful ceremonies and traditions that attract tourists here. The main occupation of habitants of the region is agriculture and tourism, throughout road Nabran – Yalama – Xudat is sold fruits and vegetables. Here a lot of homemade juices and jams. German travelers Adam Olari visited Khachmaz in 1636-1638 he tried these juices wrote about its taste qualities. Located near district centre “Nabran” is known its beaches. Starting from 1960 politician rested in Nabran which after with their trade union organizations began to build summer residences for their employees. Now Nabran turned on of the most famous tourist place of Azerbaijan. Here had been built high standard houses .6 km from Nabran locates the village of Tel which is famous its hunting areas and attract tourists here, near the village locates salse.(a mud volcano). It is very useful for skin diseases. The chairman of department of the Tourism and Culture of Khachmaz region Nazim Aqayev notes that we have opportunity to accept and at the same time accommodate about 1600 tourists to 40 hotels. There are one 3-stars and three 4-stars hotels. In 2009 the region accepted 18000 tourists. Mainly tourists are interested at holiday with cultural, educational and recreational activities. 




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