The village of Niyazobad.

The village of Niyazobad.

It is difficult to describe the history of Khachmaz without history of Niyazobad located near to Khachmaz. There was information in source that this inhabited locality was established in the 4th century by Sassanian ruler Yezdeqird. It is remembered as Niyazobad in sources which never subjected to invasions across Derbent aisle. During Mongolian invasions Niyazobad was completely destroyed. The presence of Mongols here have been proved by archeological sites which have found coins related to Abana Khan's reign's times and other Mongolian rulers. This coins store are stored in the museum of local lore of Khachmaz city. Niyazobad has very profitable geographical and strategical location, located on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Here was built the seaport which connected Azerbaijan with neighboring countries as economic as political. Famous Turkic traveler Eveliya Celebi in the 17th century gave valuable information about Niyazobad he wrote that here were 40 Mosque on 40 streets, a lot of houses, bathhouse and market. Niyazobad was the northern port of Iran played the important role in socioeconomic development (trade) of Shirvan Beglyarbegstvo. In 18th century Baku port started to play an important role on the Caspian Sea while Niyazobad was loosing its significance. Because of falling sea level and feudal feuds the port of Niyazobad fell into decline and completely was destroyed.



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