Distance from Baku

180 km


90,5 thsd person

How to get to

Auto transportation: regular buses Baku – Gusar – 3,5 hours

Called “Northern Gates” due to its geographical location the Gusar city is the last large settlement in the north of Azerbaijan and borders the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation. In this area live Lezgins – a distinctive hospitable people with a rich culture.


At the territory of Gusar district are four out of nine existing in the Republic climatic zones. Favorable natural conditions create a great opportunity for organization of the resorts, recreational and tourist complexes in this area. The recently opened the summer and winter sports and tourist center of the international standards Shahdag gained a high popularity. This is a popular ski resort in winter and a camp site in the lap of the Caucasus mountains in summer.
Not far from the complex is located an ancient village Laza surrounded by mountains and well known for its majestic waterfalls. Competitions on climbing are held at the frozen waterfalls in winter.
Many historical monuments are preserved in Gusar district.


In 1825-26 in exile in Gusar was Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov. The city has a museum-house of the poet.
Cultural life in Gusar is very rich. There are lots of music groups in the city and among them is the folklore ensemble “Lezginka”.


Among the most popular crafts the most developed is carpet weaving – especially production of non-pile rugs “sumah” woven both at home and in the shop located in the city center. By the way, in the same carpet shop is installed the largest loom in the country, at which at the same time can work up to 10 people.
Today the administrative center of Gusar district is a well maintained clean town.
Any information relating to tourist routes can be obtained in the Tourism Information Center located in “Dostlug parki” (“Park of Friendship”).


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