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The capital of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic – Nakhichevan city is located close to the border with Iran at the bank of Nakhichevan-chay. By legend it was founded by Noah after the Deluge. It is known for sure that the city was founded about 1,5 thousand years BC.

From the old times travelers and poets admired this beautiful place and considered it as the most beautiful and prosperous cities of East.

During its long history Nakhichevan many times was conquered by Mongols, Turks and Saracens but always recovered and flourished again.

The city is interesting from the touristic point of view because there are many monuments related to different epochs.

The main attraction of Nakhichevan – these are mausoleums and fortresses: mausoleum of Yusuf ibn Kuseyir, mausoleum of Njah, fortress Alindja0Kala, Khan’s palace.


One can visit Palace of culture, drama theatre, puppet theatre, museums of literature and history, carpet museum, art gallery in Nakhichevan. An Olympic complex meeting all modern requirements was built here in 2002. It is possible not only to swim there or play tennis but to take a room in the hotel or cottage. Wonderful climate conditions since early spring time to the autumn, plenty of fruits, clean air and a great number of informative excursions make your stay in this city exiting and full of bright impressions.


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