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Shusha city – an ancient and picturesque city of Azerbaijan, rich in unique mineral waters. Among them are Turshsu, Isa-bulag, Sakina-bulag, Isti-bulag, Soyug-bulag, Charikh-bulag, Sahsi-bulag, Girh-bulag, Yuzbulag and others.

Shusa city was built by Panakh Ali khan in 1751 as impregnable stronghold for defense of Karabakh khanate from enemies. Many times this place had to defend itself against enemies and fierce fightings often took place here. At the time of Russian – Iranian war small garrison of Shusha 40 days heroically held the line against Iranian army.

Starting approximately with the end of 18th century the city played a leading part in all spheres of the life of the country. Geographical situation and rapid development helped the city to be a center of culture and science. First theatres, print shops, libraries and schools opened exactly here, first circus show, scientific meetings and other educational programs were held here as well.

On the outskirts of the town, close to very deep gorge there was a plateau called Racings Field. Steep stairs led to Dashalti river – this very beautiful and staying in memory place was visited by everyone who came to this land.

Close to Shusha is located a small town Khankendi that was founded by Turkish tribes. It is impossible to list all monuments of architecture and art that were in Shusha – they were too many.

Shusha is a native land of many very famous cultural figures, especially musicians, composers and singers. Due to this fact the city is often called a “conservatory of Caucasus”. Here were many house-museums belonging to: poetess Hurshud Banu Natavan, composer Uzeyir Gadjibeyli, singer Bul-Bul and others.

Due to the fact that since 8th of May, 1992 this area is under Armenian occupation tourists are not recommended to enter the territory of Shusha and Nagorno-Karabakh.

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