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Khankendi – a city of Azerbaijan Republic that includes into its administrative territory Khankendi city and settlement Karkijakhan. Khankendi is located at the administrative territory of Askeran district of Azerbaijan.

Khankendi is one of the youngest cities of Azerbaijan Republic. There is an information in archives that the city was founded at the end of XVIII as a place for recreation of the rulers-khans of Karabakh khanate. The settlement was built in 10 km from Panakhabad (Shusha city) at the relative slope with the aim to provide Karabakh khans with the maximum comfort for their activity. While defining the place for city’s foundation its proximity to the other strategically important cities – Agdam, Khojali, Malibeyli, Karkijakhan was taken into consideration. This young settlement like many others was populated by Azerbaijanis only. During the first years after foundation only Khan with his family and escort lived there. That is the origin of the name Khankendi – “Khan’s village”. Later the settlement was officially called Khankendi.

Khankendi was a well developed industrial center of the republic. Light and food industries were well developed here. Electrical engineering, auto repair and asphalt-concrete plants, furniture fabrics, construction materials complexes, manufacturing and educational-manufacturing complexes worked here.

The district is under Armenian occupation since December 26, 1991.

Tourists are not recommended to enter the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh through third countries. In this case they will get a refusal in Azerbaijani visa issuance. Entrance at the territory through Azerbaijan will be possible only after settlement of the conflict when authorities could guarantee the safety of the tourists.

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