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Lachin district is located to the west of Shusha district and bounds Armenia. This is one of the mountainous regions of the republic. The highest peak – mountain Gizilbogaz which is located at the altitude of 3594 above sea level. The center of the district is located at the foot of mountain chain Garadag.

By legend the place for the city and its name were selected by Taghi Shakhbaz Simurg. This is a perverted Turkish word “yalchin” that means “steep, vertical”. There is an opinion that this toponym was formed from bird’s name “lachin”.

Local steep and barely passable rocks are rich in minerals and precious metals: gold, granite, deposits of mercury, cobalt, uranium, iron, lime stone, pumice, travertine, marble of different colors.

The total area of mountain forests where oak, beech and vulnerary plants grow is 34,800 hectares. One of the rare trees – argan tree also grows here.

Tens of rapid mountain rivers are full of trout. Almost at the every rock there are springs with sweet (drinkable), sour, hot or icy water of Narzan kind.

The territory of the district looks like historical reserve. There are 24 historical monuments and 24 sanctuaries – mainly from pre-Christian epoch.

There are: a cave-temple (V century) and mausoleum (XIII century) in Khochaz village of Lachin district, vault of Malikadjar (XIV century) in Djimjdimli village, fortress Kafir (XIV) in Zeyva village, palace of Khamazasultan and bridge over Khanari river in Hunsu village.

The palace Agoglan of IX century is located in Kesalar village, formerly called Agoglan. The palace is placed at the bank of the river with the same name. By legend Agoglan was killed in the battle with foreign aggressors and was buried in Albanian church located not far from here.

Lachin people have a special language. Keeping a close way of live favoured the preservation of the ancient traditions and customs.

Due to the fact that since May 17, 1992 the district is under Armenian occupation tourists are not recommended to enter the territory of Lachin and Nagorno-Karabakh.



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