Distance to Baku

310 km




Fizuli district has an advantageous location from geographical and economical point of view and is placed at the south-west of the country at the border with Iran, not far from highway and railway Baku – Nakhichevan, at the altitude 300 – 800 meters above sea level and covers south-eastern foothills of Karabakh mountain chain, valley and low mountain range. The bridge built across Araz river connects the district with Iran. Rivers Kendelenchay, Guruchay, Gozluchay, Chereken flow through this district.


Fizuli district – this is a clean air, generous sun, fertile soil, open hearted and cheerful people. Here is a real concentration of the ancient monuments. There are caravanserai (1684) and mosque of Gadji Giyasetdin (1682) in Gargabazar village. Three mausoleums (Ahmedalilar, mausoleum of Mirali and babids) are standing alone among the monuments of the region. An orderly silhouette of the mausoleum Mirali in Ashagi Veyseli village (XIII-XIV) is located near the old road from Beylagan to Barda. There is an Azikh cave in Fizuli that is considered as one of the first sites and refers to Guruchay culture.


An ancient settlement existed also near the Garakepektepe hill at the sleepy bank of Gendelenchay river. Here were found stone tools, weapon, decorations and a big number of ceramic and metal items and remains of ancient constructions.

Due to the fact that since August 23, 1993 the district is under Armenian occupation tourists are not recommended to enter the territory of Fizuli and Nagorno-Karabakh.



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