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Gubadli is located at the south-east of Karabakh plateau on the bank of Bazarchay river. Tributaries of Araz – rivers Bargushad and Khakari flow through the territory of the district.

The main plant cover consists of bushes and sparse woods. Woods occupy 13,2 hectares of mountains.

Gubadli State preserve was organized there in 1969.

By some information this toponym is connected with the name of Sasanid’s ruler of V-VI centuries Gubad the 1st. This is the most underpopulated district of Azerbaijan.

Gubadli is a motherland of the national hero Gachag Nabi.

Here is a Bargushad city located. There are also mountain chain and river of the same name. The city is located at the border of Gubadli and Zangelan districts.

Some explorers connect the first part of the toponym “bargu” with an ancient Turkish tribe “barg”. It is known from the history that tribe bargu took part in military campaigns of the sun of Mongolian ruler Chingiz-khan Chuchin. Toponym has a meaning of “mountain of bargu tribe”, “river of bargu tribe”.

There are number of monuments preserved at this territory: a cave-sanctuary in Gavur gorge (IV c.), “Galali” in Muradkhanli village (V c.), fortress Gey gala (V c.), monuments in villages Aliguluushagi and Khojamusahli, bridge Lalezer (1837), fortress Javanshir at the Yazi valley, vaults in Demircheler village (XIV c.), Imamzade in Gurchuler village (XVII c), monument “Anatabat” in Seytas village, bridge “Haji Badal” in Dondarli village (XIX c.), mosque etc.

Due to the fact that this district is under Armenian occupation since August 31, 1993 tourists are not recommended to enter the territory of Gubadli and Nagorno-Karabakh.

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