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Zangelan district is located at the South-West of Azerbaijan and stretches along Araz river. The district borders Iran in the South. The administrative center of the district – Zangelan city. There is an important railway station Mindjivan at the territory of Zangelan district.

This picturesque district abounds in number of low and medium mountains, neighboring to the valleys and is surrounded by such a mountain peaks of Lesser Caucasus as: Bartaz (2270), Susan (1304), Sigirt, Talid, Topdag and Agbiz. Through the district the following rivers flow: Hakari, Ohchuchay, Besitchay, Kinav. Valleys of the rivers are rich in deposits of molybdenum, gold, granite and other minerals.

The largest and rare on its structure forest in Europe is located in Zangelan. The State reserve Bestichay was created here in the Araz river basin at the area of 117 hectare in 1974.

The forest where eastern plane trees grow was included into “Red Book”. The age of plant trees comes to 500 years and they extend along the stream channel over 12 km. Territory of this district is one of ancient places of people’s habitation. Tracks of sites of primitive men were found in caves located in Esgulum and Susan mountains. There is a vault of XIII century preserved in Sherifan village, in Gadjalli village one can see a round tower, there is an octagonal vault (1304) in Mamedbeyli village, another vault of XVI century is located in Yenikend village. Other places of interest are upland Oyug, Ohchuchay pir, Khanazir pir in Shukurataz and others.

Due to the fact that since October 30, 1993 this district is under Armenian occupation tourists are not recommended to enter the territory of Zangelan and Nagorno-Karabakh.

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