Distance to Baku:

324 km



By road:

regular buses Terter – Gandja, Baku – Terter – 7 hours

By railway:

Baku – Terter


Terter district occupies the lower reaches of Terter river and at the north bounds Indja river. Climate in the district varies from temperate to hot semidesert and desert.

Temperature in January is +2 C, in June +25 C. Rivers Terter and Khachin-chay flow through the territory of the district.

The center of the Terter district is located on the right and left banks of Terter river just on the ancient caravan track. The historical name of this area was Chaparhana. There were caravanserai and fortress located in 17 km from the ancient capital of Alban state – Barda.

The district that in ancient times was called Chaparhana in Soviet time was called Mirbashir.

There are 24 historical and architectural monuments preserved at the territory of the district. One of them has worldwide importance, fifteen – state importance, others have local importance. All monuments are located in different villages.

Among trades there are carpet weaving, embroidery and knitting well developed in the district.



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